Wine Review: Schmidt Family 2008 Syrah

Published February 18th, 2011 in Redwood Hyperion Blog, Southern Oregon Wine |

Hey there Southern Oregon wine lovers! Last night I tried the Schmidt Family Vineyard 2008 Syrah.

It is really nice stuff. The color is bright ruby and smells like cinnamon and spice. I thought the wine was super juicy and tasted like mature dark fruits and black pepper. My wife thought it was, “spicy, but in a good way.” I decanted the wine and it only got better after time, but it was actually very good right from the start. I would highly recommend you try this wine and any other wines from Schmidt.

redwinegroupIf you have never been to Schmidt Family Vineyards, it is a super nice place to visit. The grounds and tasting room are beautiful. I really like the fact that they have a basket of toys for children if you bring them. I’m guilty of dragging my kids on a number of wine trips and really appreciate it when a wine room has a small something to distract my kids for at least 15-20 minutes. The winery is family owned and run by Cal and Judy Schmidt. The winery is in the Applegate Valley and the Schmidt vines were first planted in 2001. I especially like their Zinfandels and their 2008 Soulea. The 2008 Soulea is a pleasing combination of 20% Cabernet, 50% Merlot, and 30% Syrah. I know that Merlot is not the trend these days but the one at Schmidt is awesome. As for their white wines, the Perennial white is also really good and so is the Gewurztraminer. If you are someone who normally doesn’t like Gewurztraminer, I would strongly encourage you to try this one.

To read more about this wine and the Schmidt Family Vineyards visit their website: sfvineyards.com