The Redwood Motel’s Transformation to the Redwood “Hyperion” Suites

November 1st, 2018

Our hotel has a long history going back over 70 years and for most of that time, we were known simply as the Redwood Motel.

However, in 2010 we were approached by AAA-Membership to update the name from motel and create a name with class, detail, and allow us to stand out from other hotels here in Southern Oregon.

So owner Frank von Cölln and manager Shelly Beaudin sat down together to begin the renaming process. During that process, they did many hours of research. A list of trees was brought to their attention and through a long process they found out about the tree nicknamed Hyperion located deep in California’s Redwood Forest. The tree has been recorded as 380.3 ft, making it the world’s tallest known living tree … and that’s pretty unique! Says Shelly, “We are very proud of keeping our name very unique and very much part of a Redwood Forest.”

Bringing the Redwoods to You

Along with the name change, the hotel itself as well as the landscaping got an upgrade. Careful planning went into the trees and gardens you will find when you visit the hotel. You’ll of course see some Redwoods, but also Sequoia and Coastal Redwoods. Guests can take a leisurely stroll through the garden areas. Everywhere you look, you’ll several different types of evergreens as well as plants of all color and types. You’ll even be able to relax and swim in a luxury pool under a few giant redwoods. We feel the attention to detail and beautiful landscaping is as unique as our name and we hope you do too when you stay at the Redwood Hyperion Suites!